Mārcis Ūdris

Google Ads Manager

Marcis started to work with Performance marketing in the last year of his Business and Marketing studies in 2013 and never looked back. Since then he has overgrown his knowledge of crucial skills necessary to escalate business growth through digital advertising, including data analytics, digital strategy, automation, CRO, etc. Throughout the years he has worked with a wide variety of known brands like AirBaltic, Tele2, 220.lv, DNB, Credit24, Latvia Travel, IKEA, Moller Baltic, but also with more than a hundred smaller brands that seek business growth. After done researching your Google Analytics data, he enjoys wild nature, skiing, and surfing.

- You can always look for more action-driven insights in data you have, the main problem is that no one hardly looks.

— Mārcis Ūdris